Monkeys on Their Backs

Took the ladies to the Maryland Zoo this morning with pals Gayle and Alexander. T’was the first time we went with them being serious walkers/runners, and I brought their “monkey backpacks” (i.e. leashes) with us in hopes of a relaxed stroll, looking at the animules, pointing, thinking about the animal kingdom, really being immersed in the unbelievable coolness of wild beasties. I don’t know what I was thinking. Of course they took off in two different directions, started crying because they couldn’t run all over the place like they wanted to. Both fell over in the gravel, both did not enjoy their monkeys one little bit. I also hated the monkeys and just wanted one extra grown-up there so they could each have one to monitor them. It was frustrating having two today. I want them to both get what they need in terms of attention and discussion and all of that, but I don’t always feel like I can provide this for them both as much as they need when it’s just me.

We went into the goat/petting area, fenced in, and the ladies got little brushes and brushed and pet the goats. This exercise wasn’t actually too terrible. Mimi is such a loner. She never hangs with the crowd and likes to wander off on her own and discover things. Beenie is far more comfortable as a part of the pack of human grown-ups. She wants so desperately to be a part of things. Both girls thought the brushes were for their own lovely locks, so I had to explain that you only use them on the goats. Mimi spent some quality time petting a short black goat, who was half-awake, leaning up against the fence. Beenie seemed more interested in the other people in the goat area. When we finished with the goats, we all went and washed our hands, had some snacks, and made our way to the elephant and monkey areas. There was a baby chimpanzee flying around who convinced me more than ever that Mimi is part chimp.

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