Bad Morning

Ohmygod. What a crap morning. I haven’t had a morning with the ladies like this in a very long time. Makes me appreciate how good things have gotten in the past few months. Woah. I’m still a little bit blown away from the awfulness and EXTREME VOLUME my poor ears have had to endure. It’s not even noon yet and I’m thinking about how good a cocktail might be.

First, Beenie got up at 7:30 a.m. and was crying like someone was torturing her. I go into her and Mimi’s room and find her standing in her crib, tears streaming down her face, smiling. Mimi picked up her sleeping head to see what all the hubbub was about, then decided she’d better get up, too, despite the fact that she was not at all finished sleeping. Mind you, this happened an hour and a half after I gave them a 5 o’clock bottle. In the meantime, I’m realizing through my exhaustion that I have a nasty little headache. Maybe that second beer last night wasn’t such a good idea? Or maybe it was the sip of really mossy and good scotch I had to have before retiring for the evening. Whatever the case, my sinuses and head have an all too familiar ache to them. Maybe I should cut out alcohol altogether. What?

So, Mimi is already tired, and just continues with her tiredness, which becomes crankiness and serious meltdown material every time something doesn’t go her way. Beenie was also suffering from the cruel unfairness of human existence this morning. That, combined with extreme jealousy for every ounce of attention her sister was getting, was quite an explosive chemistry. Finally, around 10:45 we all climbed up the stairs and I changed diapers as the girls inhaled their nappy-time bottles. I think things have quieted down, though intermittently I hear the nap-denier, Beenie, making primitive shorts and snoggles.

As proof of the horrors of the early day, I snapped some pics and luckily Camera Morte was back for a few of the shots. I put the before and after at the top of this post. I’m hoping a long nap, eggy lunch and juice boxes all around will help these ferral beastie babies to emerge fresh and quieter and well disposed. An afternoon stroll in the sun may prove healthful for us all as well. Maybe more photos this afternoon. I might have to lie down for a few minutes while my left eye throbs…

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