National Aquarium in Baltimore

aquarium_1.jpgEliot Spitzer is all over the news tonight. Dumbass. Or as my good friend, A.C. might say… Douchebag!!! My husband asked me if I would stand next to him if he was giving a public speech about how he cheated on me with a prostitute. And my response was, of course, HELL NO. What’s more, the minute he admitted it to me I would get me a lawyer and put an end to all of it. I’m not saying this to be a hard-ass, and I can’t say that I would not be crushed and traumatized, but for fucks sake, why stand in public next to the jerk who had been having UNPROTECTED SEX with any number of prostitutes for an untold amount of years then coming home to do it with me? Nope. I don’t think that I could stand there for my daughters, either. Why in the world would it be good for your children to see you stand by someone who betrayed the family’s trust? My husband said that he’d kill me if I cheated on him. I appreciate his honesty and passion (don’t worry, he wouldn’t actually do it for a variety of reasons, the most important being he couldn’t live with himself, and the second most important being he could not withstand even a night in jail with his extreme lactose intolerance and intolerance of filth and so many other things).

The above-mentioned A.C., my pal, accompanied me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore a few months back. I was dying to see the frog exhibit (the photo at the top of this blog is from the exhibit) to get some photos for aquarium_2.jpgpossible painting fodder. Do you know how much money it costs to see the aquarium? $21.95 just to walk in the door. How do people afford to take their whole family? Sell one of their kids? You can’t take strollers in the aquarium — maybe just sell the kid who is still in the stroller.

The nightly news is very sad.

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