Yeah, it’s 1 a.m. So what? I’m not allowed to stay up? Uh oh. Now it’s 1:50 a.m. This is where it gets complicated. Not exactly now, but in about six hours. When Mimi and Beenie arise from their wild slumbers. I won’t be ready to rise. Whatever, as Mimi is now prone to chirp. Can you imagine? WHATEVER?! She’s only freaking 5 and a half years old! How can she be so jaded that the word “WHATEVER” leaves her lips when she isn’t up for her usual battle? She is using the term correctly from what I can tell (What the fuck do I know? I’m almost 45! Damned kids!), which sucks. How can there already be ‘whatever’?

In other news, it’s almost 2 a.m. and some loud mouthed dog is barking his ass off. Shut up, dog!

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