Somehow July is almost thru

The summer of 2011 is hot. The air quality is for crap, and there is at least a fifty degree Farenheit differential betwixt my workplace and the outside lunch world. Maybe that is why I almost passed out today walking around outside midday. Every other 103 degree day has been fine. I welcomed those raunchy summer days with open palms in hopes my fingertips would regain feeling and color. But today, today something strange happened. And I’m still not quite back from it. Is it because I’m old that I can’t handle this hot? I have loved the hot weather of late — it helps bring me back close to 98.6 before I re-submerge into the wintry levels of the local government. I didn’t pass out, tho. I sat down for five or seven minutes and focused on breath and the fact that it would royally SUCK to fall over on these icky sidewalks. And that all I had to do was make it down the street and I could go sit in my little ice cube and look at a screen for a few hours to regain my strength.

Middle age meltdown to the max.

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  1. Seems a damned shame they can shill you to artcicle in the gov hizzouse. Maybe let’s pass a law of no a/c > 15 degrees lower than outside temp. At 85 we’re okay to be hyperchillin to 70, I guess. But at 103 howsabout no lower than 88? Thermostats to read “how many degrees cooler? to a minimum of?”

    Middle age indeed. I wake up sore from stuff I didn’t even do.

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