Precious light

Working, as I do, in a gray, cold basement 7 hours/day, I have learned even more than I already knew, how important light is. I’m not talking CFL’s, halogen, LED, or any of that crap. Not even incandescent. I’m talking about the sun, bitches. That’s right. That hot, bright orb in the sky that makes this planet a temperate and fertile place for us thankless ingrate humans.

I miss the quality of light in our old house! I miss it early in the mornings, streaming through the living room stained glass windows. The girls used to sit and look at their hands and feet in that jewel-toned light in the a.m. when we were home all the time. That time seems like a long time ago.

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  1. I actually looked at the sky the other day. Paused, too a breath, let the world take care of my hellions for ten seconds, and ignored them in favor of actually seeing blue and white and liquid yellow. Know why I love puddle painting so? Cuz I’m always looking down, yo.

    Three cheers to the sun. That mutha rocks it.

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