Beginning to see the light…

It is changing, you know. It changed enough last Thursday night, July 28th, for me to think to myself, “Oh, the light is changing. Autumn approaches.” My thoughts were not verbal, but something that made me feel a certain way, in my chest. Maybe a primitive feeling, then kind when you silently understand a universal truth, that everyone else knows, too. All of us humans. The days are noticeably shorter. It’s early August, but that doesn’t matter. Summer wanes.

I’ve started a new art thing. Alls I’m sayin’ is that I’m not sayin’ yet. It is just brand new and we’re still in the early stages of understanding one another, the artwork and me. I’ll put something up when there is something to put.

My sweet girls are fixin’ to turn five this coming September. When the hell did I start writing this blog, anyway? Some point in 2008? Maybe February? I am too lazy to check, even though it involves a few clicks. Can’t be bothered. Started this because I had a need to share this bizarre experience of child-raising with someone. Someone like the interwebs. Thank you for letting me share.

Mimi and Beenie are big, complex, sensitive, crazed, talented, beautiful, fearless, frightened humans. They are quite mature until someone has a total tantrum. Mimi had a fantastic one last night. She had a total Carol Burnett show moment where she somehow rolled UP the stairs from the basement, hysterical with misery that I did not draw a puppy dog the way she wanted me to. These girls don’t throw many tantrums, so it is always a special delight when one happens. Mimi is just crazy enough to pull one off at this old age. Or maybe they come in phases. There was a month-long period of time where both she and Beenie threw dual fueled tantrums, late 2’s? Early 3’s? I thought they would never end and that I would hate every weekend because that is when they would get really bad. But then, they left as soon as they started. And here we are, back to the occasional irrational explosion. I can’t imagine they are as old as they are. They were 1.5 when we met, I believe. Don’t know that they were walking yet. I should really check.

Pre-K starts up the day after Labor Day. Their last year in preschool before Kindergarten. I used to think of Kindergarten as being full of little kids, but nowadays Kindergarten is full of 6 year-olds. Practically tweenagers at that point. What the hell? They will get on a school bus Fall 2012. FReaky. But shit, I was on the bus when I was FOUR. One day I actually went home with a classmate. Neither she nor I bothered notifying our mothers what was planned betwixt us. I just took for granted I had this transportation at my beck and call. I don’t remember how it was all resolved–I was only four, after all. But I made it home somehow. Can you imagine? I feel like I already told you all of this. My memory is for shit these days.

Nice to chat. It’s been a while.

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  1. Awfully nice that they’ll have each other on that bus. Kind of sad my guys will never be at a school at the same time. Kind of sad that big guy is off to kindergarten. Kind of sad that I don’t have time to check in on your blog, for I believe I found you soon after I began the bloggety nonsense in July 2008. I think. Or not. And then you were my bloggy Obi Won. As it is in life, 20-20. As in life.

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