Escalate incident to an accident

Last week I sat in mind-numbing software training for my job, wondering how I got to this place in my life. Oh yeah, had children, moved from an apartment-sized mortgage in a two bedroom rowhouse to a three times bigger mortgage in a three times bigger house just over the city-county line. That’s right, we’re in the County now, hon! I can’t quite make the leap from all shades down when we’re not here or at night to maybe leave a few open since there isn’t really any crime in this neighborhood. Nobody likes a false sense of security.

Have not yet made it up to the art studio where boxes of what used to be a fancy-free lifestyle are sealed up tight. Maybe once I make it up to the third floor I’ll be able to reclaim some of what was mine. Either my mind or some semblance of creativity. Perhaps I shall document the slow, overwhelming process for you. When I make it up there.

Tomorrow is a singing performance at Mimi and Beenie’s school, followed by an art show and ice cream social. None of us except for Mimi can ingest that cow milk delicacy. May need to bring popscicles.

Wow it is late as hell.

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