risk assessment

Facial scrub. Face lotion. Wash hair. Will floss next. Then brush teeth.

In new office. Boxes stacked on my desk. Studio on the floor above me. Have not yet sat in that room or started to unpack. Rest of house close to being settled. Music/racket room in basement. Mimi already broke a string to my violin. Who the hell gave her my violin to play with?

Oven isn’t really working. There are ants on the counter. Repair person coming tomorrow and I can buy ant traps. They don’t cost that much.

There is a lot of space here. Disorienting. And nice.

Ten minutes less getting to work in the mornings.

Here we are.


  1. Welcome.
    Thanks for inviting us to your cyber-housewrming. I brought no wine, for obvious reasons. Vegan chocolate. Bread and salt, which someone once told me is a Jewish tradition. And pie.
    Blueberry rhubarb. Cuz that’s how I roll.
    Enjoy settling, 20-20. The unpacking is where the magic lives.

  2. well, nappy. a nice bottle of 12+ year old scotch whiskey would do the trick. lasts longer than wine. no headache.

    unpacked the office desk to a certain extent. not art room yet. i’ll need a sick day for that.

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