four minutes

What can I write about for four minutes? Checked job boards. Nothing new. Had a strangely relaxing and thorough and positive job interview yesterday at yet another Baltimore area hospital. The waiting game continues. No art. Recording sounds recently. Will share soon. Candy-fest 2010 approaches. I’m giving the girls a candy-free three days in preparation for the onslaught. Ladybugs. Twins learning in two totally different ways. How the hell do I make sure they both are getting the information they need? This is driving me crazy. One minute. Washing clothes. Making lots of food while not gainfully employed. Buy lottery ticket today. Methinks rice and beans for dinner. Whiskey levels low. One glass of red wine two nights ago convinced me to give away rest of bottle and stick to the hard stuff in extreme moderation if I want to be able to drink at all. And I do. Think of whiskey as medicinal/anxiety soother. One or two thimbles, late at night. Sleep aid. The trees are exploding with color. Mimi is dismayed by the fact that the leaves are blowing off the trees. She is also, completely and totally obsessed with fashion and stated clearly the other night that she was, in fact, “A Rock Star”. Beenie is obsessed with letters and the big picture. Also how every little thing works. Time is up.

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