Nothing says out of town like 4:30 a.m.

Why in god’s name am I awake? I’M NOT EVEN BEING WOKEN UP BY MY CHILDREN!!! I thought because I’m spending a few nights away from home (don’t fret, my parents are staying with my adorable darlings), I’d hit the pillow like a lead weight and get a solid night or two’s sleep, but nooooooooooooooo……. Fucking headache that started on the bus to my weekend away woke me up, as well as the myriad medications and caffeine superdoses I’ve ingested to combat said headache. I’m staying with a good friend who also happens to live across the street from a very loud bar, at least loud at very early hours of the morning, outside the bar. I didn’t even get to drink to earn this headache. It just showed up on its own. Probably because I fasted food and liquids before getting on the bus so I wouldn’t have to pee or poop. The bus is good if you can get on, then pass out till you get where you’re going. I actually have no complaints about the bus. I took BOLT, which appears to be Greyhound’s response to the Chinatown-type buses in the Mid-Atlantic region going betwixt D.C. and New York. Shit, $30ish bucks round trip sure as hell beats the over $230ish round trip Scamtrak charges to ride the great rails. I prefer the train, who wouldn’t? but I don’t have an income, so if people like me want to do anything its gotta be cheap. There appears to be a plethora of cheapo bus services available at this moment in time. Good. Mama needed some time away from the roost. Though I am making a formal request to the universal powers that may or may not be, please, PLEASE make my goddam headache disappear.

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  1. just can’t get a break, 20-20. At least, I suppose, you weren’t mugged on the way.
    Hope sleep and food help the headache. Lots of H2O, Spouse has found helps with terrible headaches.
    Man, is it worse to hurt when you’re with the kids or on your one chance to be away Suckage.

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