What a shit day. And not literally. Just really crappy. How in God’s name did my own mother raise THREE brats! I now understand much of why she has memory problems, attention span issues, and an inability to complete sentences. JUST LIKE ME. I swear today was one of the worst in recent history. And aside from an early shark attack, which I still am carrying some fury from, I’m not sure it was them that made it bad. Sure, they didn’t listen to me, at all, but that’s nothing new. It has something to do with the way I woke up this morning. This morning and for the rest of the day I was not meant for motherhood.

At least I wasn’t kidnapped when I was eleven and forced into motherhood in the worst way imaginable. This is a horrible life sometimes. Mine is only occasionally annoying and tiring.


  1. You know, it’s admirable that when you have TERRIBLE day that you can say, at least I wasn’t sold into child prostitution. But, seriously, small consolation. Cuz then you feel guilty about feeling TERRIBLE after a TERRIBLE day. I know we’re not starving or dying or child prostitutes, but at a certain point, you’re allowed to say your day SUCKED.

  2. oh don’t worry, nappy. i allowed myself to wallow in all kinds of self-pity on luckyday. its just that i unfortunately got obsessed last week and was nauseated by reading about the unmentionable 11 year old who was forced into a creepy backyard parenting existence. it was on my mind. i think that story also aided the crappy day to be crappy. that and PMS. at least you don’t have to deal with that for a while! ice cream. mmmm.

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