Hot off the presses… Camera Morte!

The book does not look like this in reality, but when I took a picture of it with my computer, it turned blue and weird. Maybe my computer is possessed too?

That’s right, folks. The first (and only, so far) printed version of Camera Morte: Neighborhood Apocalypse, © J. Goodwin 2008, arrived this afternoon at my doorstep. I am very excited, as you can well imagine, for a variety of reasons:

  1. I completed a task. I started the project, completed the project, then uploaded it to the website of a place that would print the project.
  2. Camera Morte now exists outside my computer
  3. I can leisurely look at CM photos in a book.
  4. I have a product I can hand to someone if they were to bother to ask what in the hell I’ve been working on all year.
  5. Did I mention I was able to complete a task?

There is only one little technical glitch I imagine happened during the printing process on the spine/cover of the book, which bothers me a little, but I hit the customer support peeps with the details, so hopefully they will respond in a useful way. Sloppy. But that is really the only complaint I have. The templates Blurb TM were easy enough to use, and the printing and delivery and price were within reason. My next task is to figure out what to do with this weird little book now that it exists. Must ponder.

Baby/toddler land has been chugging along this week so far. Me and the ladies hit my parents’ place yesterday so I could have some childcare while I got my driver’s license renewed. Afterwards, I went to the library near their house for an hour, used their interweb, and finished up my application for a regional arts grant, deadline this friday, Dec. 12th. As I cannot even manage to get to a post office to mail said application with two wild people in tow, I must beg friends to drop it off in downtown Baltimore for me. Wish me luck. I’ve never been awarded one red cent’s worth of grant moolah in the past twenty-five years making art.

The branches on the trees outside the front window of our row house are astounding.



  1. You know this already but I am so excited to see your book and I am very glad it has been made! Who knew making a book could be so fun and easy. Just the first step in many interesting projects to come!!

    Love Damon

  2. This is awesome, Julie! Why not sell copies to your friends and admirers? I want to see it, very badly. xoxoxoxo

  3. well, kleio, i need to get the little glitch fixed (which the printing company needs to work out, or i need to futz with the cover design so the glitch is not possible) on the cover design and maybe make a few minor adjustments before i feel comfortable making the book available to the public. but it is a good idea. and one day when it has been fully realized, the book will be for sale, either on the website, or on the blurb website for all to purchase/own. thanks for your support!

  4. you know, when i commented earlier, i was logged into my blog (dork) so it automatically tagged me with my blogname. wierd. i have not adopted a new identity.

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