Mimi Emerges from the Loo Victorious

Today this is my office.

Don’t forget about Mimi. She sometimes stays in the shadows as her older sister bosses her around and scales buildings in a single bound. It isn’t as if Mimi isn’t also scaling buildings. In fact, she probably does it faster than Beenie. Certainly more recklessly. Mimi has been talking about pee-peeing in her potty since the potties appeared in the bathroom two and a half months ago. She has been sitting on said potties, in her jammies, in her pull-ups, talking about peeing. She has stood beside her potty and peed on the floor. She has squatted in the living room, hidden herself under her lavendar blankee, and peed on the floor.

BUT NO MORE INAPPROPRIATE PUDDLES! My sweet little Mimi has mastered and perhaps even surpassed her older sister in the art of the potty. After a week or so of peeing in her potty, like she’s been doing it for years, suddenly she pooped for the first time this past Saturday. We cheered! We clapped and danced for joy. Both girls have now proven themselves capable of peeing and pooing in their potties, which means that no matter what happens in the future months ironing out the details, they will one day both use a regular toilet, and our expense of hundreds of dollars per month on diapers will go BYE BYE.

Yeah Mimi! Yeah Beenie! Yeah to potty training toddlers everywhere! WELL DONE!


  1. I like your office. We should have a meeting and drink coffee and play scrabble in your office. My people will call your people. I am going to find a way to visit you this spring, Goodwin. No. Matter. What.

  2. Congratulations on completing your task. Your office looks so professional. you rock. i can see you are out to yet another meeting – you have rushed off an left your laptop running, your fridge papered with publishing notes etc etc. well done you!

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