I Want a Job with the Obama Administration

yet another total Jerry Lim rip-off photo
yet another total Jerry Lim rip-off photo

I took this photo walking around the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore, probably on the way to the liquor store. This city is saturated right now. Color. Real, dense, true color. Deep oranges and reds, blasting yellows, glowy greens. Fall is taking the colors from the trees. I feel a little bit like I’m having a flashback to some unmentionable drug years… not that a responsible mother such as myself could have possibly indulged in such things, but c’mon… I WENT TO ART SCHOOL!!!

Crappily, our sewer system is about to back up into our basement, so all cleaning having to do with water is on lock-down at the moment… no laundry, excessive pooping and pee-peeing, dish washing, mopping etc. Which has left me ample time to waste the precious napping moments I have today writing three different blogs and obsessively reading email and looking for jobs online. Well, not really looking for jobs online, but I did fill out a form on the http://www.change.gov for a possible job in the Obama Administration. Thank you God. I think I might believe in God now, that Barack and Michelle and their two lovely daughters will be residing in the White House. I’m not kidding.

What else? Mimi, Beenie and I went this morning to see a daycare facility about 15 minutes away. I’ve seen three total now and this one was inbetwixt the crappy one next to the expressway, under the T.V. transformers and the super collegiate one located in the center of a huge, green campus. This was the working class daycare. I kind of liked it. It is in an iffy neighborhood, but set far enough back from the main street, behind a church, that it didn’t seem unsafe. The kids seemed happy. The spaces were nice enough. Nothing fancy, but I gotta tell you, the one in the college campus would end up costing us upwards of $24K a year for both of them, and that pretty much would suck up most of any salary I can get at my next job, that I don’t have yet. As for now, I’m waiting for Barack or Michelle to get back to me re: that mystery job they desperately need me for, where I’ll be telecommuting from Balmer, working three days per week, making plenty of moolah. Maybe Malia and Natasha need a private art tutor? I’d be happy to commute to D.C. a few afternoons per week, take them to the museums, work on cool art projects, stuff like that. Maybe I could bring the girls. It would be fun!

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