Rachel v. Sarah

Sounds like a throw-down of biblical proportions, no?

The Sarah I’m referring to, is of course, Sarah Palin, the current Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Are there any other Sarahs right now? That anyone is talking about in the media? Nope. Not that I know about anyways. The Sarah Palin who is presenting herself to me, Josie Six Pack (whatever the fuck that means) seems like a person who is out of her league but doesn’t know it. Nevermind her views on a woman’s right to choose, but her self-described ‘pitbullishness’ is positively icky-fying. She stands by her man, Mr. McCain (not the first dude, yo!), though, huh? Single minded and sort of a fast learner, Palin has absorbed a vat of answers to any number of questions and spews them out like verse she’s been reciting her whole life. Impressive and dangerous all at once. Dangerous if you are a stupid or gullible person, because, blinded by Sarah’s strange, well-dressed and coiffed backwoodsy-ness, you might miss the fact that she utters the same crap over and over again, little of it accurate. Impressive? Sure! She hustles out to the podiums all dolled up in her party-approved $150K wardrobe and puts forth a valiant effort. I’ll give her snaps for that. I still don’t think she has any business being Vice President, but her presence in this year’s election has made things weirder and more entertaining and nauseating than they would have been otherwise. I appreciate that as long as there is no chance I’ll see her on the tellie, vying to run things after November 4th.

The Rachel I refer to, is the closest thing I’ve had to a crush in a very long time. Rachel Maddow. Sounds like meadow, doesn’t it? There is something about this woman that is intoxicating to me. Not in any sexual kind of way, though maybe if we hung out long enough my mind could be changed… but in a dense, intellectual way. This is a woman you can have a seriously informed discussion with. And I must say I am a big sucker for a smartie pants. It used to be guitar players that got me. Then smart guitar players. Now it is just smart people. Nothing is sexier to me than a well used brain. Sigh. She is concerned about important things. Did you read the little piece in last weeks NYTimes magazine about Ms. Maddow? She is worried about nukes. So am I! McCain’s gung-ho attitude toward nuclear energy is truly scary to me. I don’t care how safe he thinks that or off-shore drilling is. I think a nuclear disaster will be the end of us all. Probably has to do with coming of age during the Reagan years. I thought it was all going to end when I was in high school. Why is everyone creaming their pants about how great Ronald Reagan was, anyway? He was a terrible president and things were screwed up when he left office, too. People have a short memory. How did the NYTimes know that I love Rachel Maddow? They always, somehow, know everything about me and my interests. Makes me feel used in a way, like a predictable 40ish demographic. They also knew about my love for Mad Men, the cable serial drama full of beautiful people living horrible lives.

Can you tell I am in my other home office tonight? That would be the couch. Hubbo has to get up super early tomorrow morning so I am sleeping down here to stay up a little later than he can. The couch and I are cozy and ready for night-night. Let’s all pray together the girls sleep through the night, Sarah Palin never makes it to the White House, and that Rachel Maddow will keep up her important and crush worthy commentary for goofs like me.


  1. i’m glad your computer is working and so is my dsl.

    a miracle: my dsl stopped working and i called verizon; reached a HUMAN BEING who said a techie would be at my house the next day between 8 am and 12 pm. at 8:30 am, lo and behold, a saviour appeared. he fixed it lickety-split and said i would not be charged as it was a verizon screw-up that caused it. i should send this in to world weekly news but no one would believe it!

    on another note: remember when we bombed qaddafi in 85-86 and you, liz marcus, and i went for cheesecake since we thought we’d shortly die in a nuclear war? not the market diner but the one a little south of that on 9th ave. the good old days: nukes and cheesecake. say! now that sarah p has joined the game, we can relive the reagan years, tho’ this time the cheesecake is wearing knee-high stiletto boots. (what’s up with that anyway? she’s a little too sex-in-the-city for my tastes. how can she focus on the issues with sore feet and a bad back?)

  2. I completely share your crush on Ms. Maddow. I first saw her as the beacon of brilliance on Tucker Carlson, then as counter-point to the even-for-me way-left Keith Olberman. I like her brain. I like her hair. like her sense of humor. And she’s quite attractive. And I think it would take less time that we claim for the “if we hung out for a while my mind would be changed.”

    But maybe it’s late and I’m all turned on by leftists in the post-election afterglow. Maybe next year I’ll be turning toward Pat Buchanan, away from the Maddow light.

    Maybe not.

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