A Mid-Afternoon Summer’s Daymare

Man o man. It’s been ten freaking days since I wrote anything on 20F20T! WTF??? I’m in the middle of something. Not sure what it is. Lots of schlepping daughters to and fro, lots of family stuff. I have an underlying sense of anxiety lining my stomach. Ran out of coffee (drinkable coffee, that is) yesterday. Put the girls down an hour ago for their alleged nap, and I still hear Beenie doing some kind of song and dance up there. She pooped before I put her down, could she have pooped again? I’m SO not in the mood for this today. Not quite awake yet. It is 2:04 p.m. EST. WHERE’S MY GODDAM COFFEE?!


  1. Oh no, didn’t you get coffee yesterday? I ran out a few days ago, too. But made Sean go to the store Monday night. And so now I’m okay again. But I’m out of shortening. I need shortening for blueberry cake…

  2. i’d use butter if i were you! don’t ever say no to butter. i got some ok coffee last night at stupidfresh. i freakin’ hate that place. it’s way too big. DON’T FORGET TO FLOUR THE BERRIES!!!

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