This pic of trash in New York is a total Jerry Lim rip-off image. Earth City to the max.

I believe the girls and I have reached some kind of milestone. We were able to go to a nearby playground, with lots of climbing/jungle gym equipment, swings and other things without anyone running off toward the street. Granted, Lynn and 10 month old Elana were there, and Lynn kept an eye on one while I chased after the other. But it was not the usual. The play was almost organized in a way. Mimi pretty much kept to her course of up the stairs, through the climby tube, down the slide, over and over again. She’s the loose cannon so her lesson in repetition took a bit of worry off my shoulders. Beenie is a more sure-footed climber and went down the huge spiral slide a few times by herself. She was also more interested in the swings and enjoyed a bit of see-saw-ing with Lynn and Elana and Mimi. They are growing up, I think. Sometimes they can even be reasoned with.

In other news, there just isn’t any. I submitted 8 images to the MSAC Individual Artist grant for the Photography category last week. Eight Camera Morte images. I wonder if anyone who is doling out money this year will like the pictures as much as I do. Camera Morte’s reign seems to have come to an end. Did I already write about that? It was inevitable. Now the only images that come out of CM are horizontal lines that amount to nothing much. I ended up with around seven hundred images during that special pocket of time betwixt February and July of 2008. I was lucky to have that much. Now I get to archive the images so they don’t disappear from my hard drive one day. And try to get a book of photos together to showcase those five months of magic. Add it to the list of shit I’m supposed to finish. It is a long list.

I am not feeling particularly inspired of late, despite that fact that I’ve started many silly little projects. It is just so hard to finish anything. The girls are inspiring. I think I would find some kind of artistic recognition inspiring. I’ve been making art for over twenty years now.

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  1. I think that because I have no children of my own, I love hearing your stories about the girls’ growth and new milestones so much. It’s like a really great proud parenting vicarious experience and now that I have a new niece who is only almost 6.5 months old and I relish in the changes and progress that she makes, it’s even more interesting for what I get to expect in her growth. Thank you for sharing this.

    And as for not feeling particularly inspired, it will come and go as with anything. Just don’t lose hope that good things come when you accept your abundance! And that you are due this full life at all times!

    x patsy

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