Nice Neighbors

The nicest lady lives next to us. Her name is Sue and she’s a psychotherapist dealing with people who have food issues. At least I think that’s what it is. Anyway, she’s super cool and the girls ADORE her. Beenie is always looking outside to see if she’s there. When we are out in our backyard both she and Mimi start to climb the fence betwixt her house and ours just in case she’s around. Sue engages both girls in conversations, holds them, takes them on tours of her house. I trust this person. She has a teenage son and a daughter in college. Beenie likes especially to go into her house to see the items, all of them. Mimi just wants to use her phone, as always.

On the other side of our little row house, lives Florence. She lives there with her crazy dog Hope and just loves the girls. She is quite a talker so I think the ladies are really fascinated with her, plus she’s very sweet to them. She gave them an easel that her parents had in their house. Both girls are obsessed with the easel. Beenie is slowly drawing all over it with crayons, but also drew a lovely chalk creation on the blackboard side. Mimi is very focused on the red and brown crayons specifically. She must have them always and demands them the second she comes down to the first floor in the morning and cries for them all day. So, of course, she has them. I think I’ll bring up the larger set of crayons this afternoon and let’em have at it.

Have been using the camera my brother lent me on our strolls, which is kind of a relief, since I was becoming a little too involved in CameraMorte, taking images with CM, and not exactly paying enough attention to my angels. Plus, I couldn’t photograph them on that camera because it is too creepy. It is good to have a camera that works without supernatural possession, though I still adore the CM and will continue to use it until it stops working.

Summer is here, but in a calm, cool way today. It is relaxing to not be at odds with the weather all the time. Also, a cool day means no air conditioning is needed, which is relaxing to our dwindling bank account.

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