Tonight I was absolved of bad parenting techniques by Alix. She’s the friend I’ve known more than half my life who likes her eggs soft and her (rye) toast and bacon well-done. Alix informed me that Suri, TomKat’s two and a half year old is still on the ba-ba and she’s is doing JUST FINE. As Alix put it, “It’s not like you’re giving them crack…”. She is, of course, right. Thanks, Lixi.

This late afternoon-evening was surreal and wonderful. B and I drove to another old pal from high school’s house in Pikesville, a Baltimore suburb. J and his wife Janet and son Callum have a great pool in their backyard, and invited us and some other peeps over for a little cook-out/swim thing. Friends Peter and Gillian, their one and a half year old twins Peter and Catherine, another old, old friend Ted and his wife Lynn and their 8 month old baby Elana, and us and the girls were all splashing around in the pool soon after we arrived. It was a strange moment. I have known all of these people and most of their spouses for more than ten or twenty years. And I’m not that old (though maybe I am old, if forty is old). A bunch of little kiddies under two years old, and us, the “grown-ups, parents” who used to be teenagers and twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings floating around, laughing. We were in the water WITH OUR CHILDREN. What a strange and glorious and incredibly humbling experience. I don’t take this for granted, not for a second.


  1. That does sound like a slightly surreal experience. But people are a beautiful thing the way they grow and change and become more than what they were.

  2. true damon. everyone was who they were and then they were so much more that they had to branch off into entirely new people.

  3. This makes me think about how lucky you are, J.. it sounds like a slice of heaven-to have kids and so many friends near you whom you’ve known soo long-all with kids around the same age.. it is a repeating cycle…. it’s like your parent’s lives all over again. I love my life, don’t get me wrong-but how different it would be if I had babes.. hmm?

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