Vaccines, Flouride Treatments, the ‘Other’ Blog

The girls had their 18 month old check-ups/shots today. These days are exciting (I get to hear what a great job I’m doing feeding them, find out their huge heights and weights) and nerve wracking for me (wailing shots, double wide stroller too fat to fit through door) and plain ol’ miserable for them. They got a flouride treatment on their little toofs, too, which is sort of freakish to me, but the little info sheet they passed out at the doc’s office assured us it would reduce cavities by 40%. It doesn’t seem possible, and I’m on the fence about flouride in general as an additive to the human race, but hell, if I’m taking them in to get poked with godknowswhat kinds of vaccines, they might as well get the weird tooth stuff, too. Oh modern medicine.

It’s sort of hard having another blog! Isn’t that weird?! The one I’m writing about Food and my opinions on the subject is fun to work on, but the writing part of my brain is used to just working on my personal 20fingers/20toes blog, which is completely self-centric. I would like to post once a day on each, and actually get paid (nominally, maybe almost nothing, but that’s still better than nothing, I guess) on the food blog, but this one is a little closer to my heart. At least food is a broad subject that random strangers might take a look at, for a penny’s worth of time. Who the frack knows.

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