Side Note

I know I said I haven’t been excited by music in a while. I just typed it a few hours ago. I’ve been thinking about it, tho, and I am into a few bands. I was just feeling reminiscent about the excitement of youth.

Three bands come to mind as excellent and valid and interesting. The first band is The Eternals, from Chicago. The second band is Lo Moda, and they are here in Baltimore. Number three is the band Channels, also located in Baltimore. Oh yeah, and there’s another Balmer band that rules: Celebration. I’m sure there are more great bands in the world, but I don’t get out that much, so I am dependent on hearing the sweet sounds peeps I know make.

Aside from the fact that I am friends with the people in these bands, I do truly believe the music they produce is genuine and timely. All are entertaining to watch and hear. Don’t be afraid.


  1. This is the time I make some kind of snarky comment about how I wore a t-shirt and shorts today and easily found parking. I have to chime in on the Chicago music scene. It was SO much fun just going out every night. I miss it on many levels. No-one defines “hotdog” with as much respect and condiments as they do.

  2. Yes. I wonder if all 20-somethings are experiencing the same type of thing wherever they landed post-college (if they went to college). Is it just the reality of working a really low-paying job, not having a spouse, no children? Would we all still be doing the same thing, going out every night, playing and listening to live music if we didn’t have the things that frequently go along with being 40-ish? What happened to the past 20 years?!

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