Spring in Baltimore

Strolling around the hood (though I can’t say where I live is an actual ‘hood’ hood, as its pretty safe and friendly) this morning with the ladies was astounding. Bright, clear, cool sunshine. The air was crisp and breathable. Without much fanfare, spring has begun. There are little patches of crocus popping up here and there. The forsythia bushes are beginning to glow slightly polkadotted yellow. Baltimore’s moss is taking on a decidedly warm green hue — a contrast from the moss I photographed a week or two ago, which had a certain coldness to it. Today’s moss looked like velvet. An extremely soft emerald animal I wanted to pet. Instead I took more pictures.
It was a good stroll. Mimi and Beenie were game to put on their jackets and shoes and enjoy the sun right along with me. When I brought them home, gave them their nap bottles around noon, I had high hopes they’d slip into a silent and sweet slumber. But I was wrong. Once again they are attempting to deny me their late morning/early afternoon naps. Didn’t the letter I wrote yesterday to Beenie mean ANYTHING?! Surely my pleas for silence would touch her cold, cold heart. But no. Upstairs she sits in the middle of about 20 books, talking, interjecting, doing anything but napping. It’s making me quite tense. I shudder to think of the implications of this lone nap disappearing from all of our lives. It’s too early for that to happen, isn’t it? God help me.

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