Spring? Didn’t I See You Just Yesterday?

rowhouse.jpgI suppose a part of the impending springtime is the relentless rain. How else are the glorious flowers to grow? How will the fluffy pink trees that all but explode here in late March/early April find the energy to do so with no stormy weather? Today is another gray day. The babies, well, Beenie, is once again threatening not to nap. My agitation started up as it always does when this happens, but I kept my cool. It’s not her fault she’s not tired and doesn’t want to sleep. BUT SHE IS TIRED. Isn’t she? If this keeps up for another few weeks, I may have to resign myself to the fact that she’s practically a grown-up and maybe she just doesn’t need a nap during the day. I will cry if this is the case, but it won’t be the first time I’ve cried, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

We have to figure out how to get my car back from my parent’s house, an hour south on I-95. The transmission has been replaced, and my dad said it drives like a new car. For what it cost to repair, it practically IS new car. Will I really have to get some hideous mini-van in a few years? I know my Civic is kind of smallish, but is that so terrible? Now that the the ladies are facing forward in their car seats, there is certainly more room to push the front seats back for more leg room. What would the reasons be for getting a different vehicle, anyway?

  1. To have a larger vehicle we could take on the highway, that would provide a little more room for everything and maybe a little more safety just by its being larger.
  2. To be able to visit grandparents and friends at longer distances without renting a mini-van.

Are those the only two reasons? I’m not sure it is a compelling enough argument to get some big, ugly-assed car. But who knows how I will feel in a year and a half, when I will be working at a normal job somewhere, in the car all the time. Wow, that sure does sound unappealing!

The house is silent now. I went upstairs to see what all the hoopla was about and indeed, as always, Beenie had pooped and couldn’t relax with diapers full of poo. So I brought up a little supplementary bottle, changed her diapers, kissed her lovely locks and tip-toed downstairs. After about a half hour, silence ensued. And continues.

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