Quick, descriptive

still here. contract on house. moving in april. must sell our house. clean and fix up this house. working new job. watching girls. they are watching too much tv while i pack. i’ll make it up later. stomach flu #2. right eye twitching. not eating means no dishes to wash. what do i keep, what do i toss? visualizing a painting studio/office. would like to see the ocean this summer. snow is damp outside, enough to make snow lady/girl/bunny. with carrots for eyes. ginger ale. lots of ginger ale. more soon… i miss you.


  1. My eye twitches at the end of every semester when it just piles on. Just remember that nothing is forever. You can do this. Soon we will be playing scrabble in your new palace and you will be sneaking me snacks on the third floor, where i am moving posthaste. shhhh….it’s a secret.

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