Did I tell you about my crazy dream?

When was it? A week ago perhaps. I dreamed that Kali herself possessed me, full-on, intense, warrior, killer, ultimate transformer, energies flowing and exploding through my body and head, finally exiting through, of course, the third eye. The one on my forehead. You know the one.

I’m only loosely familiar with the Hindu cast of icons (or the many other belief systems usually associated with this particular deity), so I had to look up the exact info on her on the interwebs. Tho, I guess I knew something about her or she wouldn’t have crept into my wild subconscious. I’m probably just not remembering. Or the alternative is true, that I was indeed visited and possibly infused with Kali-ian powers, aka the “ultimate reality”, which isn’t such a big stretch in my mind. I’m soooo in the ultimate reality at the moment. And it would be so totally appropriate and humbling to have actually had uber-transformation infusing my entire existence. I’m going with this option. Hello Kali, can I get you something to drink?

I’m not making fun of this, by the way. I LOVE that whatever crazed transformations are happening in my life are free-associating with the “goddess of time and change.” Bring it, universe. Oh, I forgot, it already got brung.

Imagery associated with Kali frequently portrays her standing or dancing on her partner — Shiva’s — body, symbolizing how a person undergoing change should just lie still and take it, because change is gonna happen whether you like it or not. My pedestrian interpretation, but you catch my drift. Read a little bit about this Kali. I need to read more. I’m excited to have her as my current patron saint/demon.

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