Family (the girls and the husband and me) and family friends (Toad, Lynn and Laynee-bear, their daughter) are out at a cabin in the woods this weekend. Rustic? I suppose, though rustic with whip-fast interwebs access and cable TV. A fireplace is a cozy thing that is here. I find great satisfaction in burning things in the woods. Or anywhere, but especially in the woods, in a fireplace. Burning wood just smells so dang good! Between the seven of us, there is enough food to last us a week, though we’re only here for two days. But, once in nature, a person’s thoughts go to ideas of Armageddon (at least, my thoughts do–is that weird?), so we’ll be able to survive a few days longer after the BIG ONE drops than we would’ve been able to if there weren’t so many snacks.

We’re staying a few miles outside of Berkeley Springs, WV. What an incredibly beautiful state! Clean-looking, bright green velveteen grass waving in the wind, purple flowered trees bursting. Doesn’t look like it got quite as hot here over the past week as it did in Baltimore. Not as many full-blown trees. But damn, there are so many trees. And so many abandoned homes and even more homes that should be abandoned, but the people who live there have nowhere else to go. This breathtaking state is terribly impoverished from what I’ve seen today, just driving around. It is heartbreaking. On the 2 hour drive here today, all of the Maryland highway rest stops were closed. Maybe the BIG ONE already dropped, and I just didn’t hear about it yet.

We get passes to a nearby recreation center tomorrow. I believe there is an indoor pool. Does this mean I have to shave my legs?

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