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It’s the new three season climate. Not two months ago there were three feet of snow on the ground, and Baltimore was in the new Ice Age, and yesterday and today temperatures were in the 91-93 degree F range. My skin went from dry and cracked and bleeding, to sweaty and greasy in a month. My temper went from trapped inside sick and cranky to hot as hell cranky. So not too much deviation on the mood front. Benefit of the new Ice/Melt Age: the six month scourge season appears to have burned away. I’ll take it. I’ll take it in 100 degree weather. Just please, God, don’t let another head infection enter this eight thousand degree house. Please.

What the hell have I been doing since I last had a chance to post? Well, I’ve been wondering where any personal time has gone. I suspect I know where it went. I’m trying to steal it back, one half-second at a time. I’ve made a short movie using Camera Morte video footage. And I recorded a primitive soundtrack — my half-assed editing and music recording skills have allowed this much. The time is 2:44 (two minutes, forty-four seconds, y’alls). It’s all I gots. My goal is to enter it in an experimental film/video festival or three and let that be the way that CameraMorte is introduced to the world. Will let you know if it is accepted anywhere, and if so, where the screenings will take place.

Last week was spring break. Don’t ask me why pre-schoolers need spring break, but they do. After a week and a half, today they returned to their class and I returned to work. The week was pretty good, I think mainly because we never stopped doing stuff. We went from one thing to the next, nobody napped and then they went to bed at a decent time. But then, the last two or three days we all started getting sick of one another, and school and work were missed. Felt good to get back to it, though all of the new work clothes I just got were for cooler weather, and I now realize I still need things that are appropriate for weather that is summer-like, no matter when it arrives. I have one light cotton jacket that is red, and everyone will notice if I start wearing it every time I’m in the office. Dang!

Since it suddenly became mid-summer, I remembered the quarter bottle of organic vodka chilling in the freezer and busted it out, mixed up with seltzer, grapefruit juice, whatever red juice the girls have and ice. Why have I not been drinking this all along? Oh yeah, right. Every time I even looked at alcohol over the last six months of freezing sick hell, I either got a migraine or a sinus infection. Hello hot weather! Hello ability to drink a little booze!

So much has happened since I last posted something, that I’m not even gonna bother trying to suss it out. I miss you, whoever you are.


  1. the cameramorte video should seal the deal on the grant karma that has building… the trippy little video should get the cash flowing…

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