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a beautiful moment in the backyard yesterday, betwixt thundershowers

This morning we actually managed to get out of the house while the sun shone. It has been raining. Lots. Went with Jiyun and her kids, me and my kids to the Baltimore Museum of Art sculpture garden for a picnic and to let the small ones loose. IT RULED! We have been trapped in the house of smeary poops all week. That is correct, friends. The trotts. Both girls. Couldn’t quite bring myself to take them out in the midst of it. Today marks day #5 of the unsavory scourge, and so far, I am relieved to report there hasn’t been so much as a squirt (sorry). We shall see if my optimism is squashed post naptime, but for now I haven’t smelled one whiff or seen one blob of the stuff, so life is great.

I just looked up online how to write an outline. I know that I should be able to do this small task. Why does it seem impossible to me? Wasn’t someone supposed to have taught me how to do this in high school? I must’ve done one in the past… right? Ugh!

Divide and conquer appears to be working in regards to naptime. Mimi passes out in the living room somewhere, Beenie scrambles up the stairs to her bedroom and parks underneath a purple “tent” (a fuzzy purple blanket she likes to have angled over her from wall to edge of futon, in a triangle shape, like a tent) and dozes off. When I go into the room to awaken her, books have been placed on the floor and every item from both her and Mimi’s beds are piled on the futon. She is a bit of a packrat. She gets this honestly.

Before we exited the house this a.m., Mimi threw a huge, screaming tantrum regarding a dress. Similar to the tantrum she threw last evening about a dress. I see a loud, expensive future in front of us, unless my hubbo can embrace my love of second-hand clothing. Beenie was wearing the dress Mimi wanted to wear yesterday. Today, Beenie took this dress off and put on the dress Mimi had just taken off to put the yesterday dress on, and she LOST HER SHIT. Powerful stuff. I need to harness this clothing and shoe obsession into something positive before she hurts someone. Or have her start a band called “Yesterday Dress.” Put those maniacal lungs to good use.

I’ve got about an hour left of quiet unless something weird happens. It is a lot of time and no time at all. I can think about my impending weekend trip coming up on June 26th, to see friends I have not seen in five or six years, who I used to see almost daily. Back when I was young. Before I had children or had even thought about that sort of thing. Or in my case, those sorts of things. Visiting an old life is always freaky, but energizing. I am ready.

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  1. Can’t imagine how exhausting the dress tantrums must be. I know it’s one of those “well, too bad” tantrums, but still. Yikes.

    Glad they’re sleeping, even if it’s haphazard. Napfree and die, I always though New Hampster’s motto should be.

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