atomic mushrooms

atomicmushGirls and I hit the playground this a.m. with Jiyun, Emmie and Marko. Huge thunder clouds in the sky over the park, BIG gray things. Not amounting to anything other than a little cover from the sun.

Poor Mimi has the poops. Probably from too much juice the past few days. We (me and the ladies) went to Ocean City, NJ this past weekend with my bookclub. One of the bookclub ladies has a beach condo we go to once a year. We have always had big plans to one day travel to Italy or France or Holland with bookclub, but since I and Gayle & Danielle now have small children sucking up all our money, that doesn’t look like it is going to happen any time soon. Unless, of course, that big ol’ pile of money finally shows up. I’m still waiting.

LOVHave a new commission for a painting. Not for much money, but something kind of better, a little money and a lot of help with a writing project I’m starting to work on. The piece will be 30″x30″, and is another flora/plant painting, something in the realm of L.O.V. (pictured, right). I am excited to have another project, not necessarily conceptualized by moi. Am enjoying working on the Octopus commission/painting, which is almost done. I LOVE to trade art for other things. Seems like I am getting something useful out of painting, in addition to the usual self-indulgent escape I so desperately crave.

Mimi is passed out on the living room floor. I rubbed her feet and sang her quiet songs to help her forget her bum pain and she drifted off without much ado. Beenie requested I carry her upstairs and put her in her bed, which I did. I think they need to sleep in separate rooms for naptime, since Mimi can’t control herself from opening up the shades in the room and going through all her clothes when in there with her sister. This is okalie-dokalie. All I care about is having some quiet time during the day to look for and apply to possible jobs, write/answer emails, bang my head against a wall. You know what I mean. If I have to go downstairs to the basement to accomplish this, I will happily do so. As long as I get a small bit of ME ME ME time. And it is small, this time, but concentrated. I deserve much, much more of it. So do other SAHM/D’s. Primary caregivers work it. Hard.

At the entrance to the playground mentioned above, sat a gigantic atomic mushroom cloud mushroom. About the size of a tennis ball. Head for the hills!


  1. cyndi — GR8 name for a band! let’s start one immediately!

    tomb — well, what you waitin’ fer… open up some solvent and get to work. turn off that pooter!

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