So this is what makes life divine…

doesn't this look GOOD?!
doesn't this look GOOD?!

Beenie and Mimi (but especially Beenie) are currently obsessed with Cinderella. I’m not entirely sure how it found its way into our house. VHS. I have my theories… probably the same way two Angelina Ballerina stuffed mouses arrived. The kindess of others. I felt kind of icky when I found out Beenie was into it. It’s such a freaking fairy tale. YEAH IT IS!!! hahaha. I watched it with them before naptime today. The whole reason Cinderella gets her big chance is because the king of wherever-ville wants a bunch of grandchildren. Yuck. It has very little to do with his son’s happiness, though Cinderella’s happiness will probably explode once she’s away from the Queen Bitch of a stepmother and her heinous step-sisters who basically keep her as an indentured servant. I guess a Princess/Queen has good childcare options. All those slaves working for free around the castle. That stuff is pretty standard in royal families, right?

The only thing Cinderella is thinking about is love. Handsome love. She doesn’t care about the rich part of it, though it couldn’t hurt. Someone should make a movie about what goes on in the kingdom once she pops out a kid or two. Does she become a mom blogger? I doubt she even knows how to use a computer. The really freaky part about the animation of that movie is the EYES. Have you looked at ’em? A little bit too realistic. Hyper real. And the movement of the characters. Not so cartoony, more fluid human. Kinda creepy. I feel like I should limit Cinderella time, but the animation really is spectacular. And the good girl does “win” (if forced childbearing counts as winning. I wonder if she gets her head cut off when her fertility is brought into question…) in the end. Escapes evil stepmother and stepsisters, moves into the castle with her hot Princely Hubbo and his fam. I just wonder. Who makes Cinderella Part Deux? Did someone already make it?

The end times are here, methinks. From Cinderella a few times a week to every day a thunder storm. It was inevitable. Nothing good lasts forever. Put on your fly fishing rubber pants and learn to swim. I feel the next Great Flood approaching. I would like to offer up my two, female, neutered cats for the ark. They would be good mousers for the trip to the promised land, wherever that is (somewhere in Appalachia?), on a mountain nearby. Though to my knowledge, they have never caught a mouse. I do suspect Olive cat once murdered a large mouse that got into our house and placed it underneath a chair until the room smelled like death. But she never ‘fessed up to it, so I am still a bit unsure. Slinky cat acts like she can be vicious and I believe her.

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  1. Ah, geez. Always those fairy tales with the “stepmoms suck but men can rescue you.” Ugh.
    would love to read Cinderella’s blog. But if she has several royal nannies, I’m not sure I could empathize.
    Besides, I think they’d have to live with grandpa, and heaven knows even a despot loves him some grandbabies…

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