High heels

Mimi, my 2 and a half year old daughter, has been crying for the past half hour for “high heels”. She started wailing for the tortured shoes after the bath, then shower she and her sister took once they awoke from today’s nap. Earlier in the day we were at Gill’s place, playing with her twins, Cat and Peetie, and Mimi found a pair of her purple, metallic high heels. Everything went to crap once she wasn’t able to shimmy around in these four inch high shoes. She even, somehow, God help us all, descended a truly horrifying staircase in their house wearing these lovely high heels, unbeknownst to anyone until she emerged in the garden downstairs wearing them.


  1. carrie’s 3-year-old niece declared that her favorite colors are “pink and diamond.” she and mimi should be friends.

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