Nothing a fruity vodka drink can’t fix

You know, you only need one solid cocktail to turn things from bad to pretty darned good. This evening, for instance, I got me a nice seltzer, vodka, O.J. and cranberry/apple juice drink. The rain kept us inside ALL FREAKING DAY. I finally got the girls out for a stroll around 7:30 this evening, which was fantastic and overcast and cool, making the gorgeous azalea colors extra vibrant and the chemical green grass glowy. I spotted three bunny rabbits hopping around, and I believe the girls saw two of them, too. Beenie said “one was a mommy bunny and one was a baby”. She is fond of the mother child combo platter — really, who isn’t? We got home, each girl sort of brushed their teeth and threw their respective pre-bed tantrums that have been happening in the past week or so on the regular. I still find tantrums sort of cute, but that’s only when they occur earlier in the day when I can appreciate them. At night-night time, when everyone is tired and cranky as hell, they become tedious. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong that if I manage to correct, they will once again become the angels I know they can be, but hell if I know what that wrong thing is. I should probably just start wearing earplugs during the beddy-bye wrap-up like hubbo does. Smart. That’s why he makes the big bucks and I wipe people’s arses all day for free.

Tomorrow afternoon hubbo leaves for his first weekend away since the girls were born 2.5 years ago. Good for him, I say. I support vacation in any form, for parental units together or individual parents. Nothing whatsoever wrong with a bit of time away. God knows I could use some, and will have some eventually. Hope spouse gets to empty out his brain on the beach in N.C.


  1. First off, this is my favorite line of all time:
    hat’s why he makes the big bucks and I wipe people’s arses all day for free.
    Second, here’s to a lovely vacation for Hubbo. Let’s pplan yours next.
    Third, pre-bed bullshit is not your fault. i am TOTALLY with you on the tantrum as amusing/cute/tolerable unless after dinner, at which point I have nothing left. It’ll pass. How lame as an offer of support and empathy, but it will. Pass.
    Fourth, a-freaking-men to your title. That should be an aphorism on par with the “Anything that can go wrong..” In fact, it should be an addendum. Anything that can go wrong will, but there’s nothing a fruity vodka drink can’t fix.
    You hang in there, 20-20. After all, you’ve got that hindsight going for you (teehee)

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