What was so great about yesterday?

71 people looked at this blog yesterday… why? What happened yesterday to make 71 clicks appear? Was it the word “medicine” in the title? I’d say the average viewing of 20/20 is betwixt 10-30 peeps on any given day, with plenty of days where there’s just three, or five. I want some answers. I wanna know why.

I also want to know why Beenie wanted to sleep in Mimi’s bed for naptime today. Mimi seemed not to mind the idea, so I put them down with the important and required blankets and figured they would make it work. BOY WAS I WRONG. It is funny to watch myself type those words right now. It is the exact same subject matter that got me writing to begin with, back in the summer of 2006, when they were 8 or 10 months old. Why won’t they sleep? It isn’t bothering me as much as it used to, this non-sleeping. Because I hear them chattering, and I know their personalities so much better at this point. Of course they can’t sleep! THEY ARE NOT IN THEIR BEDS! Why did I let them talk me into switching things up? They are now laughing, which is charming, as long as they haven’t removed their diapers and shat all over one another’s cribs. I had half-assedly planned to mop the kitchen floor today while they napped. I guess that could still happen if I stopped writing this, now. And I will stop, but not before I find an appropriate image to accompany this post.


  1. For me, it was just me scrolling through links on Fluffy’s blog, which I link from my own. And I liked yours so much I made it a favorite!

  2. teat. obama. battlestar gallatica.

    with that combination i’m surprised it was only 71.

    i like to see the search terms that people use to find my blog. one time it was “joan jett” and another it was “spanking” (i had used the expression “spanking-new”).

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