Suddenly everything is clear

Last night I had some kind of mental shift. Had been feeling a bit out of sorts. Dark days, cold, trapped indoors, same shit every day blues. You know what I mean. Will I be able to find a job this year? Will it be as horrible as I imagine it will be? Will our oil and electricity bill become so expensive our house will form icicles around the windows?

Yesterday was a happy day in Baltimore. President-elect Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle breezed through a freezing-cold town around 4p.m. There was a part of me that entertained the idea of going downtown to see them, but I thought better of it. I don’t do well with large crowds. Hell, I don’t do well with medium or even small-ish crowds. There were supposedly 40,000 people outside in the freezing cold wanting to be a part of his coming to town. That’s a lot of peeps for a town this size. But everyone kept moving and hardly anyone was hurt from the cold. Baltimore needed a proper visitation from the good, new President and First-Lady. What is gonna happen when I don’t hate the person in the White House? I am not familiar with this concept.

boOh yeah, so last night after the first episode of the Battlestar Galactica bender hubbo and I have embarked on, I realized I actually liked him better when we were watching BG rather than Rome. The new/old serial drama really put me in a better frame of mind toward everything. He seems nicer, food tastes better, possibilities are more vast… have I gone mad? Possibly it is the incoming Obama administration that has made things positive. Or just the wild chemical shifts in my brain. If this is crazy, I don’t want any part of sane.

How can I get in touch with Michelle Obama? I would really enjoy working with her. She gets to hire her own staff, no? I am sure she could use a part-time, stay at home mama, who likes to make art and music, who enjoys writing and photography. Three days a week, with lots of pay. I have a good record, I suppose. No felonies. I am honest, hard working. Michelle, if you see this note, give me a call. Post a comment and we’ll connect via another, less public platform. Welcome to the D.C. corridor! Welcome to you all!!!


  1. The return of Battlestar episode filled with great twists and turn but um…the revelation of the fifth cylon is…was lame. As a matter of fact the revelation of the other four was the worst episode of the entire series! All Along The Watchtower?!

    But seriously, Michelle, Julie would be a great employee! Hire her!

    Love Damon

  2. Sorry about the grammatical errors in my last comment. I don’t like to just leave a comment about the faults of my last comment but I am forced to because I can’t delete and retype my last posting!

    I will add this…I love Julie.

    Love Damon

  3. I love Julie too.
    She is so talented and would be an asset to Michelle, without question.
    Just watched the days festivities on HBO. Must see.
    The shift is palpable over here in Cali too.
    And I’m not talking about BG.

  4. Yeah, it’s kind of nice to not be angry about every single news item. Just three days in office and each time there’s a headline about official duties of the aforementioned former-candidate, I think, “Oh, thank God. I was hoping they’d do that.” and “Oh right on. I’ve been waiting for decades for someone to make that a priority.” And so on. It’s weird to not be in fear/hatred of what your government will do in your name. It feels lovely to worry about my own crap for a minute or two, instead of worrying about how I can undo all the b.s.

    Michelle, I second (or third, I guess) the vote that Julie would be a hard-working asset to your team. Creative vision, sassy sense of humor, good family values. Et cetera. Hire her. We don’t want to waste her on corporate America.

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