I got sucked up into the husband is on vacation yet I am still working my ass off syndrome… HAHAHA! When you are staying home with your kids, there are no vacations. Alright, alright… I’m exaggerating a bit, I suppose. I did actually leave the house by myself this morning for an hour and a half and actually made it to my painting studio. I spent some quality minutes with Sap Green, then moved onto some slightly more sumptuous times with a color I was striving to make a shade of American Cheese. I may have succeeded. There was so little time available to ponder said cheese color, I’ll know better later when I go back to the studio. This morning was glorious. The sun was hanging in a clear blue sky. WINTER. Full-on, days getting longer winter. Beautiful. Not too cold, either. Low 50’s. The overwhelming mustiness in the studio was cleared out by gusts of cool wind. I was able to feel my fingers the whole time, unlike the last time I made it in to paint. Maybe I should set up a little space in Esha’s basement to work when it is super duper cold out. An outdoor garage is good for the spring and summer, but when it is freezing outside, oil paint and mediums have a way of freezing into blobs. I should set up a cold weather studio while she is out of town and see if she notices!

The fantastical adventures of my daughters continue to amaze and exhaust. Thank whoever is responsible in the universe their third consecutive cold of the winter seems to be passing. I almost got sick twice since they got sick this past time, but fought it off with snake oil and scotch. I don’t know how much more I can take. Illness is all around me! Oh the drama.

Both ladies are chatting up a proverbial storm. One articulates, yet is articulating synthesized and hybridized words, the other is speaking in full sentences, but mushing the words together so you can’t always get what she’s saying on the first run. Luckily she knows what she’s talking about and is happy to repeat it over and over again until you get it through your thick skull. So is the articulate linguist… MY SHINY SHOES… MY SHINY SHOES! She is on a loop about her shiny shoes. That I understand. They are very nice shiny shoes.

I have been experiencing a phenomenon strange to me of late… being influenced by Beenie and Mimi and their tastes. Now when I go to a clothing store, I find myself looking toward soft, velour purple and red items ala Beenie and shiny, sparkly things ala Mimi. Also, I have come to love the veggie chips and straws they are addicted to. They are not merely reflections of us, you know, the childrens. They are their own persons. Peeps. They are themselves. They are born that way.

Both girls slept through the night last night. Nobody woke up with a stinky poop that needed changing, nobody was choking on their own phlegm, no one had huge green globby snots encasing their head that needed wiping. They just slept. And so did I. 2009 is looking good.

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  1. Whoa! Sleep? You awesome dude, you! I’m thrilled for you. Clear air, warm painting fingers, awe of one’s spawn, AND sleep. Happy happy 2009, indeed!

    Love the flower photo. Man, I’m a sucker for soft backgrounds and foregrounded flora.

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