Happy January 2nd!

Perfect little objects abound on any excursion outside.

Today’s date usually signifies my favorite day of the year. No more holiday crap to look forward to/dread. No more spending of money I don’t have. Back to the way things were before Thanksgiving. This year is no different, I suppose. Today is wonderfully uneventful, with the exception of the illustrious Jerry Lim‘s birthday.

My own, forty-first birthday passed without much fanfare, as is the lot of the people whose yearly anniversaries fall in the shadow of J.C.’s big day. Mine is on Dec. 27th. It used to upset me when I was a kid — combination presents, no birthday party because everyone was out of town for the holidays, birthday cake kind of forced since everyone was already sick from too many sweets, or the date just forgotten… not good. But as an older person, I sort of enjoy my birth date. Christmas lights are still hung around town, the contingent who has stayed home for the holidays, whatever they may be, are usually up for a little non-holiday celebrating if I decide I’d like a party on any given year. I gots no problems with having a holiday season birthday.

I am relieved the whole thing is over — Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year — all of it. But I do understand why all of this celebrating needs to be done, whether I like it or not. The dark time of the year must be embraced, toasted, lit, hated, enjoyed.. whatever you need to do. There is always a winter. There will always be a winter. The days become longer after the solstice. Good. Bring it.

Happy January 2nd!

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