Proud Poopy

1 of 20, from the collection "Oral Pathology", J.Goodwin, 2005

Early morning meeting again for the old man, so I’m busy at the business of writing things at midnight on my couch. Was able to drink a glass and a half of wine this evening without any indication of a migrane approaching, which frankly, is exciting news for me. Sad, but true. I’ll take what little vice I can get.

Beenie, my eldest daughter, deposited her first ‘stinky poop’ in her potty this afternoon before naptime. I COULDN’T BE PROUDER! It came as somewhat of a surprise. Since I brought out two little red potties for their second birthday, Beenie has been peeing regularly, a few times a day, but never poops. But today all that changed, and it truly seems like the proverbial window to being diaper-free has been cracked. Sure, sure, Mimi isn’t quite there yet. She has pee-pee’d one foot from her potty, two feet from her potty, on the living room floor, on her bedroom floor… just not in the actual potty. She talks about it all the time, tho. And I know that when she is good and ready, or just tires of cheap chatter, she’ll sit down and pee and poop just like her big sister (by 6 minutes) does now. The only reason I can think of to hurry her along would be to end the tyranny of hundreds of dollars every month devoted to diapers, but in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather spend a couple hundred dollars for a few more months than have to shell out thousands for therapy later on, when she figures out it was premature potty training/learning that was the root of all her emotional turmoil. Mimi, you take all the time you need. As long as this doesn’t go too far beyond age three, I’m good with it. You’ve still got ten months to ride the nappy wave.

Haven’t managed to produce anything creative the past few weeks. Last weekend was a wash as far as getting into 4Horseshoes to paint. I am hoping for an hour or two this coming weekend to get some real work done on the Cheeseburger Landscape piece for my pal Arika. I’ve been looking at the whole collection of CameraMorte images again recently, and am now thinking they really would be great paintings, even though they are already paintings in a way. Digital paintings. I might have to take some of them to the next level and put brush to oil to canvas. Where’s my dang arts grant? I promise I won’t spend it all on groceries if that’s what you’re worried about (but I may end up using some of it for that). It’s just that those images would look awesome very big. Medium sized would be okay too, I suppose. As long as they aren’t teenie-tiny. I’m done with making paintings super small. At least oil paintings. Watercolors are different. It doesn’t matter, of course, since at the moment I’m not making jack squat in terms of art.

Eyes drooping, brain stopping, nighty-night approaching…

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