Good Ol’ Blog

Good afternoon, blog. Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. When we first started seeing each other, I felt like we had a deep connection, you know? If I recall correctly, it was back in February of this year. The girls and I were hacking up our proverbial lungs — we all had a nasty little scourge that was hard to shake. I think I had it the worst. I started sucking down some really good cough medicine, which was the only thing that allowed me to sleep instead of cough all night. And something happened. Something special. Late at night/early in the morning, on the couch. You and me. The winter was dragging, all of us were cooped up in the house a little too much, and you were there for me. You listened to my self-absorbed obsessions… “Will I ever be able to seriously make art again?” and “Jesus, this is driving me crazy staying at home with toddlers every day”. You made a little extra room for my failing/possessed digital camera, CameraMorte. You remained devoted despite my playing over and over again Bjork’s ‘Debut’ CD. And here you are, still, today. Despite the fact that its warm and the girls and I can play outside, easily take strolls. You’re still here waiting for me when they go down for a nap. Just in case there’s anything remotely interesting or uninteresting in my pudding-like brain left to write about. Here you are. Thanks, blog. xoxoxokisses, J

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