That’s all the power I’ve got left on my laptop, so I best be quick with this post. Besides, the girls will be awakening from their nap in about 15 minutes. Funtime mommy stylee will be over till around eight when girls go back to bed. Funtime baby stylee starts in fifteen minutes. Both are good, both are important.

So, my favorite alley in Baltimore, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned and shown photos of previously is in full-effect. On our strolls in this mid-summer daydream I try to capture the beauty and freaky weirdness of how great and unusual this alley a block north of our house is. The image above is standard fare from this alley. Can you believe someone has a wreath and a fake-real door that opens up to their garage? I love it! The strangest part of the photo, though, is the not so hidden camera that is just above the door to the right. It is pointed to the house of the person who is maintaining this lovely alley/garage entrance. A person would probably never think to look at the camera while they were busy wondering why there was a wreath on the door to the garage. There is also a garage entrance with a fountain in front of it. I’ll try to snap a photo of that one on today’s afternoon stroll. People really do take good care of their little alley gardens. I think it looks great in all seasons.

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