Car Wash III

This is typical — I’m getting bored with the food blog. Does this make me a bad person? It isn’t as if I don’t like writing. I do. I love it, in fact. But coming up with a fresh idea every few days ain’t so easy. Maybe I’m not meant to be a professional writer. Add it to the list of other things I’m not meant to do in the professional profession.

Beenie is upstairs, almost an hour after the girls went down for their naps, chirping and chattering. I just went up to confirm my suspicion of poo, and I was correct. Poop. Now she’s laughing. I just know she’s not going to go to sleep now. I think I’ll run up there with a small supplementary bottle to bribe her to nap. Things are bad when you’re bribing a 20 month old. Especially with the bottles they are not supposed to be using anymore. Oh well.

Damn! I made the wrong call. Went up and she was winding down to finally go to sleep when I walked in the room. Handed her the little bottle and she smiled at me. Ok, you can have whatever you want, little Beenie. Of course, Mimi has been sleeping since the get-go. She is wrapped up in her fuzzy purple blankee with her arm thrown over her eyes. Thank god someone likes to nap.

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