August 2009. Get ready.

Things are good here in Baltimore. The days chug along. Beenie and Mimi are growing like tumble weeds, playing in their sandbox and trudging sand through the house despite my best efforts. I continue my blogging, despite no money being made from the venture. I have to think, though, that one day, I will be able to get some kind of writing job or have writing be a part of my job because of this and my food blog (see Food Examiner link at right). Otherwise, why am I doing this? To write every day? Yes. That is an important part of it all.

So Camera Morte also takes scary little short videos, I recently discovered. I am having trouble downloading them to my computer for some ungodly reason, and it is driving me nuts. But eventually I’ll figure it out, and when that day comes I promise to share the scare with you, friend.

CM is pretty much full-time now. This means I am almost unable to snap pictures of my darling girls since Camera Morte is not allowed to take their picture. They are alive and human and beautiful. I am not interested in seeing them in an apocalyptic light. I get plenty of that right before bedtime.

I bought the book “What Color is Your Parachute?” on the recommendation of my psychoanalyst neighbor. I have to say that it is poorly written, but it does seems like it may help me out of the slight panic I’m feeling now, a year and four months before I will be going back to work full-time. It seems like a long time to be able to figure this out, right? Time passes quickly, especially with the twinsies. Weeks go by that I have little recollection of, and I’m not even doing drugs. Most of the jobs I’ve had in the past sort of happened by chance. I knew someone who worked somewhere that sounded like a cool place to work, and then I weaseled my way in. My careers are accidental, I fall into them and it is hard to get out. I would like the next job I get to be on purpose, utilizing skills I have and some that are even interesting to me. I’d like to get out of a full on web job. Writing and photography would be more interesting to me. I would like to work from home a few days a week. Maybe you want to give me a job. I’ll be looking August 2009. Don’t forget.

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