Car Wash

I can’t remember when I wrote last. There has been a hiccup in the developing springtime, which is simultaneously welcomed and cursed. Welcomed because it brings back some cool, rainy weather, which I like. I don’t like swampy hot Maryland weather, which was beginning to happen a bit in the past few weeks. Cursed because we’re stuck inside. No strolls, no going out in the back yard to play in the sandbox. The best we can hope for is a playdate, better at someone else’s place than ours — just for a change in environment, but ours is perfectly fine, too. New people bring distractions aplenty. When it is just us, we all get a little crazed and on each others nerves.

I’m still trolling around, looking for freelance writing work, and also for art projects to glom onto. There’s sort of a cool opportunity for some short video pieces in downtown Silver Spring, MD which I think I’m going to focus on making this week while the girls sleep. Good, ol’ video. There is also a pen and marker on paper show for a Baltimore arts festival that I am going to submit a piece to. The deadline is this Friday. What I’m more interested in, tho, is trying to get some images together from CM (Camera Morte) and organize them into something larger. Not online, or maybe, but first in print, I think. Thank you, Damon Locks, for encouragement in this matter. More as it materializes. I need a personal assistant. But first I need to be rich. Rich enough to buy time to work on things, rich enough to buy gas to drive around.

Who the hell has time or money for anything anymore?


  1. Got my notice today about the 502 smackers that George W. is sending my way so I can help spend this little recession away. Thank god for GW and his $502, thank god. He is my favorite American president in office right now. Mwah! A big kisseroo to ole Moneybags Bush.

    Sure, sure, it’ll all end up in the pockets of his gas-pushing friends, but I’ll be riding in style til the money runs out.

    Let me know where to send my resume for the PA job. If it pays $503 or more — I’m in!

  2. Yeah. Well, the job is sort of an internship until my George W. Bush windfall comes. Will let you know how that goes. You’d be an excellent P.A., by the way. Your organizational skills are unmatched, plus you’re an ass-kicker so you could force me to do things I’m supposed to be doing instead of writing on these silly blogs! xo

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