Wireless Woes, Part II

So, my brother who can fix any computer issue was not able to solve the mystery of my missing wireless connection. He tried, oh, he tried. For two or more hours. He went through the vast computer knowledge database that he’s been building in his head since he was a little kid (I think he had a second hand Timex Sinclair back in the early 80’s) and the Verizon (hate hate hate) DSL router we have still refuses to connect my laptop to the wireless world I crave so deeply.

This sucks. Verizon (hate hate hate) said I had to pay them $2.50 a month to extend the warranty of my current router (“extend the warranty” a.k.a. hush money), or buy a new one from them for $70. Who the hell has seventy dollars to dump on a wireless connection? Especially after I somehow over chatted on my cell phone last month by $60?! We pay our bills every month and there just isn’t any extra. So this little string of money suckers is just gonna have to wait. And maybe I’m just gonna have to wait and hope and pray that my good, insecure friend “secure” continues on with his insecurity and shares his wireless waves with my little black computer for the forseeable future. I know it’s wrong. I don’t want it to be this way, but it just is this way right now.

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