Why am I Awake at 6:00 a.m.?

Why? Because once again my sinuses insist on choking me so that I must come downstairs, drink tea, and complain about post-nasal drip on my blog. I’m doing this in my kitchen, of course, because it’s the only place where I can attach myself to my new best friend, “SECURE”, the kindly, insecure wireless connection of a nearby neighbor. Nothing annoys me more than having everyone in the house snoozing soundly while I sit awake and cold, in the kitchen, being kept up only by my own aging body.

The ladies were in fine fiddle yesterday. Mimi is back on the crack cocaine of her once white and fluffy bunny rabbit. Walks around with it, usually hanging from her mouth like a wild fox that just caught its dinner. She owns that bunny rabbit, and I imagine it probably owns her at this point. Beenie insisted on her hair being in a pony tail on the top of her head, much the same as mine. Sweet. It looks like a little sandy colored fountain atop her noggin. She is also currently obsessed with some mule-style shoes someone gave us. They have a small heel on them and she must wear them around the house, despite the fact that her feets are a little too big for them. A one and a half year old slave to fashion. I predict a tortured and expensive future for us all.

Hopefully the antihistamine I just took will find me back in bed in the next few minutes. At least I could get another hour or two in before the ladies awaken once again, demanding brekky snacks. I feel as if I should be making money for being awake at this hour, typing into my computer. Where’s the money?

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