Sleep Deprivation

Now both of them are sick. Mimi’s snot streams are waning and hopefully Beenie will soon follow suit. Add that to the fact that they are both teething, and you got a tired mama. For some reason (maybe the fact that she can’t breathe without choking on her own goo) Beenie just cannot wind down for bedtime. And even if she goes to sleep for a little while around 7 or 8 p.m., she wakes up a few hours later just out of her mind with misery. And WILL NOT go back to sleep. Last night, with my own sinuses pounding, I stayed up with her from around 11:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. Finally I had to get her another bottle, though she was not interested in one at the beginning of this bout. Somehow Mimi managed to sleep all the way through the night, twelve glorious hours of purple jammied sleep, while her sister howled and whined and did everything in her power not to go back to sleep. Incredible.

Was chatting with another mom yesterday about exhaustion. She called me sounding very stressed, saying that her one year-old had a fever and was cranky, but had no other symptoms of sickness. And he kept waking up, so she didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was sharing with her my recent bouts of sleeplessness and decided that people just can’t function when they don’t get consecutive hours of sleep. Three hours sleeping then being awake for an hour then sleeping for another hour or two does not cut it. People who are not primary care-givers of small children do not understand this kind of exhaustion. The parents who have to get up the next day and go to work after a night of kids not sleeping for whatever reason (usually illness or pain) must be insane. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go to work after a night like last night. And it isn’t just one night, this kind of thing can drag on for a week, and the hours you haven’t slept start adding up. It can make you mental. Perception of reality is askew and your relationships with grown-ups suffer when you’re on a caretaker marathon. I get really emotional and kind of irrational when I can’t get some shut-eye. I don’t even feel normal anymore when i do get enough sleep, whatever that is. I just feel weird. All the time.

At least Camera Morte seems to be in full effect lately. Will post new and ghostly pics up on the CM page, tab located at the top of this blog. Some very apocalyptic images emerged. Woah.

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