Play Date

I’m pretty excited today because the girls’ boy friend, Alex, who is about 10 days older than them, is probably going to be available for a PLAY DATE. Those of you with no children most likely are not aware of the extreme importance of said play dates. You either host or go to one. They are located sometimes at someone’s house or if it is nice weather, in a park or playground. A day with a play date always is better than one without. For Mimi and Beenie, they get to hang with someone their own age, who is not either one of them. For me, I get to hang out with, in this case G.M., one of Alex’s mamas, who is also a SAHM who freelances as a sign language interpreter. This means I get to play with a grown-up! Woo hoo!

park_2.jpgThe new stroller passed the difficult test this morning of going down a muddy, rocky little hill into the park near our house. None of the three (two single and one double) strollers we already have can attempt this feat of big-wheelage. But the new one, with it’s slightly larger wheels and clearly superior something special went down the hill without a hitch. The ladies got to run around in the huge sports field down in the dell, chased dogs, and then we strolled through some mildly rocky terrain through the woods, which is my favorite. So happy they got to see how wild it is back there.

Came back home and after about an hour, one poopie diaper and a squirt of acetaminophen later (both are teething pretty intensely at the moment) both finally quieted down for a nap. So did I for once, too, since my two-day headache is making me feel like throwing up. Maybe this is a migrane? Who knows. I took some acetaminophen, too, and an antihistamine and the agonizing pain in my head seems to have subsided. Hopefully this is the end of it.

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  1. Then there is the category of “no kids but dogs.” So the phrase, “doggy party,” has as much meaning I think. They run, they socialize, they sniff butts till they get tired.

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