Happy New Beer!

Photo of bare trees against a blue pink sky at sunset in winter.

Happy mf new year, peeps! I lost half the month already. Almost. February will be the four-year anniversary of 20/20! Can you imagine? I remember exactly when I started writing this shits. T’was the winter of my discontent, a delayed post-partum depression, that showed up a year or two late. I was sick with some sort of unsavory scourge, or about to be, the 2008 presidential extravaganza was getting revved and ready. Rachel Maddow was emerging from her corduroy cocoon, kicking the flat ass of each and every one of the blustery white men who uttered bluster after bluster of hot air surrounding her. I may have had a crush on Rachel then. Maybe I still do, though am perplexed at her make-up artist’s decision to have her wear false eyelashes. Not really her style.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary at my job. No fanfare, no plaques. It is a bit of a miracle I survived an entire year at this job. The benefits of this position are becoming apparent finally. Other than regular income, I have actually learned about something I feel some passion for. Incredible. No details until there are details to share. It is not all for naught. Shocking.

Paintings are emerging again from the carpeted command center on the top floor. Shouldn’t I give my art room a name? Dying flowers, maps of unknown worlds. This is on the art menu at the moment. Not so different than always. Mimi and Beenie were actually able to hang with me this past Sunday after they got home from church. They came into the studio while I was in the middle of finishing a layer of color on a painting, and got out some pencils and paper and drew while I finished-up. It was fun to have them there! I was only using linseed oil as a medium so they weren’t inhaling bad fumes, though not everyone likes the smell of the linseed oil. I don’t think it’s bad for humans, tho. Got an extra 45 minutes out of painting-time with them there.

Don’t know why this is titled happy new beer. Just seemed silly and beery. I like beer. I drank almost a whole beer last night with no apparent side-effect this morning. I may try another one next week to test the fizzy, hoppy waters again.

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  1. New year, new art, 20-20. Love that the girls are old enough to bystand. It’s muy importante that they see you creating, yo. Because they have much to contribute to the world, too.

    Happy anniversary.

    Sorry the snack page never got going. I was going to use it as a cheatsheet. But I’m glad for all of the other products of your bloggety blog. Neti pots can, in fact, suck it.

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