June bug

Hey y’alls! Greetings from steamy Balmer County, MD. Yeah, I know… I live about fifty steps away from the city/county line, but still technically live in the County. Here I am. Here we are.

Mimi and Beenie are something else. Chatty, absorbent, critical thinkers, making glitter glue art, writing letters, drawing ponies and mystical, vertically linear rainbows. Not as a unit, of course, as both girls’ artwork is completely different. Beenie’s work is figurative, and, in a way, has always been. I think the first recognizable things she drew were portraits — REALLY good portraits. She’s moved on to the curvy type of rainbows and, of course, all the varieties of My Little Pony dolls her rotten preschool friends bring into school to poison her and her sister’s brains with. Mimi’s drawings are  diagramatic, taking into account the way an object sits in space — sometimes with perspective. And she draws these crazy characters with triangle heads, and some with round heads, but with super freaky faces. Hard to describe. Will scan some for your viewing pleasure.

Girls started a summer camp program at a college nearby. We decided to switch things up for the summer since their regular preschool has almost no shade on their sandy playground area. This new place is super shady and the playground has mulch rather than sand all over it. There’s a part of me that just wants to keep them at the new place, but then, I miss the ladies at the old school. And the people. They’ll probably go back in the fall.

There were just the bestest clouds ever driving home from camp yesterday. Was there a nuclear explosion nearby and nobody told me?


  1. P’s art has gotten representational in the past few months. And it’s awesome. I enjoy watching when he says something isn’t what he wanted, so he’s making it “just a decoration.” Interesting, given his personality, for I thought he’d be a crumple-and-throw-er.

    Enjoy life up in the County.

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