Uh oh

There is a disturbing twist during naptime this past week. Mimi, who has, in the past, embraced naptime, now laughs in its face, even if she is exhausted. All is due to the realization she is no longer contained by her crib. I knew this day would come. And it is horrible. Does this mean I DON’T GET THEIR NAPTIME, EITHER? I might have to re-think not having them in some kind of preschool thing till the fall. Maybe it needs to start now. She is also preventing her angelic (hey, wasn’t she the one who bit her sister for over a year?) sister, Beenie, from napping. Beenie is very happy to nap but it is impossible as she watches her sister scale the crib, then pull open the shades and hang on the curtains. I need to find a good place with this terrible new situation. I am not sure I can remain a responsible person if they don’t nap anymore. I will, indeed, never again, ever, get anything done. My worst nightmare come true.


  1. Thoughts: crib tent? Movin’ on up to big bed? Telling her quiet time at the least means staying in bed and reading? Putting her in different room for nap? Lying down with her just for nap in your bed (extricate yourself when they fall asleep)? Hubbo can start this tradition as a weekend treat and you can sigh, and say okay when they beg for you to do it. Heavy sedation? Begin all naps in car so they have no choice?

    You poor, poor thing. We went through months of this, but there was only one, who now naps brilliantly in my bed while I read next to him.


  2. There is nothing more frustrating! Especially when you see that they are tired.

    Our son went through this and we took the “quiet play in your room” approach – which worked. He was dispatched with some snacks and juice (the things we usually got calls to procure for him!) – and left him too it.

    Some days he would nap, others he would play for an hour and a half.

    Unfortunately the big switch in his head that determines the need for naps was flipped and he has never really got back into napping. He does take a couple of down times though were he would watch TV or sit with his teddies and read. We try and capitalise on those times now for when we relax too.

    On the upside though no naps means awesome overnight sleeping – leaving the evening sacred in our house!

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